Friday, October 23, 2009


C.I.U.C. S-1
TCB art inc
Level 1/12 Waratah Place,
Melbourne, Victoria.

DATES: 31 Jan - 18 Feb 2007


The first in the series of 7 exhibitions began as a solo show by Jamie Boys held at TCB Gallery, Melbourne, Victoria. Covering the years from birth to seven, the show explored the embryonic form entering the world as an individual and having to compete with one's self in order to attain the necessary life skills to adapt, survive and maintain a competitive edge. The show featured 7 paintings of babies observing a world of competitive, self-obsessed adults and children striving to win. The babies look on in awe, subconsciously acquiring the knowledge that will assist them later in life. Beneath each painting, plastic dummy's were suspended on gold chains from a collection of kitsch plastic flowers. In the centre of the room a vintage baby carriage was positioned facing a list of "TEN STEPS TO SUCCESS" stenciled on the wall.

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